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Things are always a little slow in January, which isn't always a bad thing we get a chance to catch up on projects that have piled up throughout the course of the previous year. Something we have really been looking forward to printing is boxes. Every day we send orders out without any sort of identification as to where it came from or who printed it. Well finally that is over, now everyone from the UPS workers in the hub, to the students we pass by in the hallways during deliveries, and the participants at your next event will know where your awesome shirts came from. Check out the shop boxes below.

The shop boxes was not our first round of boxes, we had a chance to print on some Chinese food to-go boxes that were used to deliver 'Mao's Famous Eggrolls' for Christmas presents. Packaging is an important part of extending your brands identity with so many different options there are plenty of unique ways to package your products. Let us know how we can help make your marketing budget make a lasting impression.