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Crossfit Lowell.

We've have been holding onto this post for the official opening of Crossfit Lowell. In addition to having the pleasure of working with Gina to produce some bad ass shirts we have also had the pleasure of being a member.

Not familar with Crossfit? In a nut shell Crossfit is a combination of what worked best from the sports movements that create the most versitile athletes, (Gymnastics, weightlifting ect). What you get is a functional workout program that 'Challenges you to the bone'.

Crossfit is great way to break up the monotonous, minimal results you get from your run of the mill gym. The group workouts create a team like enviroment and really help push you outside of your comfort zone. I cannot say enough good things about the Crossfit Lowell, the coaches and the experience over there are both fantastic.

Take advantage of the Special $50.00 for your first Month. For more information check out Crossfit Lowell on Facebook.

Big Ry Gear

Just finished up more motivational Gym shirts for Big Ry Gear. The latest order is a variety Sweatshirts, T-shirts and Ladies Tanks

Eric C Foster Gloves

I was never any good at word problems in school but have developed a fantastic ability and fondness, for problem solving and trouble shooting different issues when it comes to putting logos on wearable items.

Eric Foster C. Plumbing and Heating wanted us to produce gloves so they could hand them out as Christmas presents to the different contractors they work with throughout the year. This was one of the more fun and challenging jobs we have had the pleasure of working on and certainly one of the more unique promotional christmas items we have seen.

Check out some of our other accessories let us know what sort of brain busters you can throw at us.

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