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This week we had a shop full of shirts for different folks and events around the city of Lowell. Check out the shirts and support these local friends! 127 Global is a local Non profit looking to help eliminate poverty through education. In addition to printing shirts for the event we are also a sponsor, Check out this weekends Charity Ball at the newly renovated Mill No. 5

127 Global

UTEC held their tenth annual City Council Candidate forum, we had the pleasure of printing the shirts worn by the youth and volunteers.


Harbor of Hope is a local Church, Their Love Lowell campaign partners with different non profits to help improve the city.

Harbor of Hope

Frank, the master mind behind Eyeformation and is one of our favorite customers to work with. This super detailed Illustration is available at the Western Ave Studio.

Utec & Americorps

Check out this clean multi-color multi-location screen printed Hanes Ecosmart sweatshirts we printed up for Americorps and UTEC's Grand opening happening November 13th. UTEC short for United Teen Equality Center is an awesome program with the mission and promise to ignite and nurture the ambition of Lowell's most disconnected youth to trade violence and poverty for social and economic success. We love working with programs like UTEC, Make sure to check them out online and on twitter!