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Strength Lab.

We recently had the pleasure of reuniting with a high school friend, Kyle Briere. Kyle recently has embarked on journey through the wonderful world of self employed when he opened the Strength Lab, in Nashua, Nh. After several years of practicing BJJ under Team Link, and interning at a few different strength and conditioning gyms, Kyle was able develop the skills to become a certified Strength and Conditional Specialist.

Specializing in everything from endurance to power, marathoners, to weekend warriors, college football players, and first time lifters. Kyle's' competitive Brazilian Jiu Jitsu background, has given him the insight to design a variety of training programs for competition as well the curve balls the life throws at us.

Check out the Strength Lab for all your individual strength training and corrective exercise. Also make sure to get yourself one of their super soft, Hanes nano Tees we printed up for him.