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Crossfit Reach Fall Fest. Almighty Cosmo Night & Boston Beard Bureau.

Be Almighty.

Seems like as the holidays start to approach these weeks start to fly by, Recapping exciting week, is coming to an end.

We started of the week Cranking out this sharp 2 Color Discharge print for the guys over at Be Almighty. Next level Was the popular shirt brand of the week, this job was printed on  Next level 100% Premium crew. The fit and Feel of these are awesome, Super pumped on how bright the colors came out. 

Boston Beard Bureau

We Printed some Huge Beared Owl Prints for the Guys over at Boston Beard Bureau. They are bringing these down for down to the Beard and Mustache Championship of the Universe in Atlantic City.

Crossfit Reach Fall Fest

And Finally Today we dropped off the shirts For Crossfit Reach's Fall Fest competition happening this Sunday. We had Fun printing a super soft discharge print on another batch of the Next Level 50/50 premium CVC Crew.

This job was fun not only because the artwork was rad, and the shirts were awesome to work with, but also because Mao and myself will be participating in this weekends event. It will be our first team competition and we are super excited.

It's been great to not only participate in crossfit as an athlete, It's been equally as enjoyable as a business owner working with the different Box owners, and Brands in the Area. This community truly is awesome, and Robby at Crossfit Reach is a perfect example of that.  Check out the Sneak peek of the fall fest shirts, as well as the shirts we printed up for the summer classic. Make sure to check out the event Sunday, Sunday! SUNDAY! (read that in the monster truck voice) 

Throw Back To the Summer Classic