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Crossfit Reach Fall Fest Recap.

Post holiday craze is over I wanted to take a second to revisit the Crossfit Reach Fall Fest event.

As we mentioned in the earlier post we had the pleasure of working with Rob Blanchard of Crossfit Reach for his first annual Fall Fest Competition. We Also had the pleasure of competing in the event as a team. 

RX Photography

Noreast Custom Apparel was well represented, both myself and Mao competed on a team alongside fellow CFL'ers Annie, Steve, Seth and Corey. We were all pretty nervous heading into this as it was the first team competition. Thanks to the fantastic coaching at Crossfit Lowell we were able to show up and really hold our own against some pretty awesome athletes.

This was the first competitive event I have done since high school, Having been a three sport athlete, football, wrestling, and baseball, competing was part of every day. As an adult, in my late 20's it was considerably different, the nerves and stress were real.

Crossfit Lowell Athletes

Fortunately all of those negative feelings disappeared Sunday morning showing up not only as a team of two, but having the support of the other Crossfit Lowell teams was extremely gratifying. Being the best dressed team certainly benefited as well. After a clean ladder and 2 pretty brutal workouts, myself and Mao were able to secure a spot in top 4 which gave us the opportunity to compete in a fourth and final WOD. We ended up placing 4th overall, just outside of a podium, leaving us plenty of room for improving. I can honestly say this was one of the better experiences I have had in my adult life, it felt great to be competing again, especially along side Mao. 

The Crew At Crossfit Reach did a tremendous job running this event, the facility, timing, and workouts were all great, The atmosphere was great, really looking forward to both working and participating in their events going forward.

Crossfit Reach Crew

Check out some of the additional photos taken by the very talented Brandon Mui of Rx Photography (these photos are sick!). Also a special thanks to The folks at Via Prive for getting us some of the New Knox Shirts, Looking good certainly is a part of performing well.

If you haven't given Crossfit a shot you probably should, Check out the Living Social Deal Crossfit Lowell Has going on.